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Senior Year as Described by Titus

1. Senioritis is very real


2. And it’s easy to forget that you still have to do well in class


3. But you’re still in denial that you have to leave


4. You’re annoyed at freshmen who take your favorite study and hangout spaces


5. You’re annoyed that everyone keeps asking what your future plans are


6. Because you’re still trying to figure that part out and don’t have any clue yet


7. Self-care* has become a part of your daily routine


8. * if self-care means wine in the tub


9. But you make sure you’re at every game to watch your favorite Tigers play


10. By now you’ve heard all the craziest stories possible


11. You’re realizing your major hasn’t taught you how to be a real adult


12. And you’re not sure what to say when freshmen ask for advice


13. But you know you’re going to make the most of your senior year


14. In the end, you can’t wait to say “I graduated from Clemson University”

I'm an Honors Biological Sciences major here at Clemson University. I love science, theater, poetry, and music and am incredibly passionate about world events, especially what's going on in the Middle East. I love meeting new people, trying new things (especially food), and sharing new experiences with the people I love!
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