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It’s time! We are so close to being finished! Not even one week of classes left. So, throw on your best outfit, and put on your old High School Musical soundtrack because school is out. Finally, summer is upon us, and it could not feel better. This past week, I have found myself checking the clock, anxiously awaiting the clock to strike, “last day of school.”

However, I cannot strike my High School Musical moves yet. School’s still in session, and I’m not having problems securing the perfect summer job at the local golf club. And I probably never will. Nor will I probably gain a summer “fling.” I will spend my summer doing the normal. I will be going to work with my mom to help her, taking care of my grandpa and when time allows going to the pool. Throw in a trip to Disney and to the beach, and that has been my summer for as long as I can remember.


But, you won’t find me complaining because it’s a perfect summer for me. I often find myself running so fast during the school year that I forget to relax. And while this summer is a little less than relaxing, I take every ounce of breathing I can like it is my last one. And I know, as a freshman in college that this will be my last summer to do what I want. For the next three summers, I will be chasing internships and jobs to help me score a job in my future profession.

And with that, I sign out officially for the year. It has been a crazy semester writing for you guys, and I cannot wait for school to start again so I can begin again. However, until then, I will be anxiously awaiting the start of my summer. And when my final exam is taken, you can imagine I will run out of class and start doing the choreography from High School Musical. After that, I’ll be relaxing -or trying at least. You should, too.

Elizabeth is a Biology major at Clemson University. From Asheville, North Carolina, Elizabeth learned the power of a smile and "yes ma'm and no sir" at an early age. Her twitter page can be found decorated with dog retweets because well, what is better than dogs? She also enjoys dancing (Anything from hip hop to ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical) and teaches classes at a studio in Clemson. If you can't find her dancing there is chance she is working out or hanging with family and friends. Elizabeth is outgoing and loves to talk to new people and experience life. Give her a follow on instagram @_eliz_reganne or twitter @ElizReganne and feel free to say hi when you see her!
Hannah Fanset

Clemson '21

Hi, Everyone! I'm Hannah Fanset. I'm a sophomore from Rochester, NY, and I'm majoring in psychology and management. My favorite things are books, movies, traveling, eating good food and laughing way too loud.