My Experience Photographing a Clemson Football Game

I’ve always loved photography, and in the past few years, I’ve started taking sports photos. When I got the chance to have a photo pass for a Clemson Football game, I jumped on the opportunity.

My photo pass was for the Clemson vs. Charlotte football game. I had a press badge that gave me access to the stadium, and then, I picked up my media vest from the press box. Since it was a 7:30pm kickoff, they had a whole meal set out for us (that even had brownies!) and coffee to help keep us awake for the game. By the time we had all finished eating, the press box was in a hubbub of activity. People were bouncing from room to room, and the excitement in the stadium was palpable.

It was at that point that it was time for the field photographers to make our way down to the sidelines, showing our press passes at different checkpoints along the way. We got our gear and equipment set up in the field-level media room, right inside the tunnel.

Then the photographing began! The players came on the field first to warm up, and the sun started to set behind the Oculus as tens of thousands of people came filing into their stadium seats.

I took pictures of every second of the game, from running down the hill, to filming the Disney movie at halftime, and finally, to the excitement following the final score of 52-10. After the game, anyone with a press pass had access to the press conferences. We had our choice of the Dabo conference, coordinators conference, or the players' conference.

All-in-all, this was easily my favorite Clemson game I’d ever attended, and I can’t wait to get back on the field. Go Tigers!