LSU Beat 'Bama & These Are the Best Tweets to Prove It!

It's fall in Clemson - or, as we like to call it, "Football Season" - and that means Saturdays are for football. Whether you traveled to NC State for the away game or stayed in Clemson for a living room viewing with friends, November 9th packed some entertaining games and incredible upsets. One of those upsets hit Clemson pretty hard as LSU beat Alabama 46-41, and let me tell you that Twitter had some thoughts. Here are the top ten tweets our fellow Tigers!

  1. 1. Listen to the Cat

  2. 2. Spongebob Said It Best

  3. 3. Lizzo Gets It

  4. 4. *sips tea*

  5. 5. Tigers Lowkey Supporting Our Tigers

  6. 6. An Updated Classic

  7. 7. Or, like, we could just chill?

  8. 8. Throwback to Me @ Syracuse vs. Clemson '17


  9. 9. But You Gotta Keep Dancing...

But really, no shade to 'Bama or 'Bama fans. Good game, everybody!