Let’s Dance:  All About Clemson Dancers

It’s virtual Tiger Prowl week!  That means that HC Clemson is going to be showcasing some of the great organizations on campus, and the one that I want to share with you is Clemson Dancers.  CU Dancers is a club open to anybody, guy or girl, who enjoys dancing.  Whether you went to a studio for years and years, only have a bit of dance experience, or have never danced in your life but want to learn, Clemson Dancers has an option for you.


In both the fall and spring semesters, CU Dancers hosts a variety of dance classes.  From 5 to 11 PM, Monday through Thursday, hour-long sessions are hosted in the Katherine C. Lemon Dance Studio in the Brooks Center.  The class levels range from beginner to advanced, so there’s a class for you to take no matter what your skill level is. 

Personally, I never went to a studio, but I was taught some movement technique in high school for color guard.  This puts me in a weird gray area where I’m not quite a beginner, but I’m also not really intermediate or advanced.  But through CU Dancers, I’ve been able to fill in the technique that I was missing, while also exploring new styles of dance, learning really fun new skills, and getting a workout.  Along with just having an amazing time moving to music for an hour, you meet such unique, genuine, and talented people who all share an interest with you.


If you’re interested in joining, you can attend a class or two to try it out; then fees are $25.00 to go to any class for the whole semester and dance as much as you like.  Classes run more “come as you want” in the fall, but if you attend a class every week in the spring, you can participate in the spring showcase and perform a dance that you’ve worked on all semester!  And if you’re really into dance and want to kick it up a level with competition, CU Dancers also has a competitive dance team, Tiger Strut, and their auditions are this Sunday, 09/17.  If you’re interested in the competition team, the audition registration is here, and their Facebook page is here.  The Facebook page for Clemson Dancers is here.  We’d love to have you come dance with us!