Lauren Waters: Getting Involved

            I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing the sweet, Sophomore, Lauren Waters.  Her involvement at Clemson is extraordinary and she has a heart of gold.  For Lauren’s advice on finals week, adjusting to college-life, and organization, keep on reading!

What kind of things are you involved with on campus?

So my main involvement is through my sorority, Pi Beta Phi.  I had the opportunity as a colonizing member to be a part of our Leadership Nominating Committee, which chose our chapter’s first executive council.  I’ve also become involved with Clemson’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and even went to Baltimore with them for their spring break mission trip!  I am a tutor for Clemson’s Student Athletes at Vickery Hall, where I individually provide tutoring to students in Literature and Spanish courses, and I have been tutoring for two semesters now!


Wow!  You certainly keep busy.  How do you manage all of your responsibilities along with school work?

I rely heavily on an organized planner to keep track of all my classes, work, events, and other obligations, and having a calendar in my apartment to double-check is helpful, too.  I love being a part of so much and staying involved, so I would say without a doubt that the extra work to keep up with it is all worth it!

What is your major and why did you choose it?

I’m a nursing major.  I’ve always had a passion for taking care of people and showing them love in whatever capacity they need.  Because of that, the idea of caring for people when they can’t care for themselves was really appealing, and it’s why I was drawn to nursing!


So since you have such a difficult major and finals week is coming up, what are your tips on how to stay relaxed and conquer all exams?

I definitely think that eating right and getting enough sleep are two vital parts of getting through exam week with the best overall outcome!  Obviously, studying is important going into finals, but if you body and your mind are worn-out and nutrient-deprived, you’re just not going to do well!  Another thing that always helps me is breaking my studying into chunks, and rewarding myself with down-time to exercise, read a book, watch an episode on Netflix, or look through social media.  Giving your brain a break is crucial to surviving and thriving during these last few weeks of the semester!

Lastly, what advice do you have for the incoming freshman?

I’d say the biggest thing I’ve had to realize in college that I wish someone had told me is that you are so much more than your grades.  Coming into an academically-rigorous environment was really intimidating, so I spent way too much time stressing over whether or not I was making the same kind of grades I was used to.  It’s okay if you don’t make the same exact grades you made in high school, so don’t give up or get too upset with yourself if you maybe don’t get the As and Bs you’re used to!  It’s much more important to take care of yourself than it is to get 5 extra points on an exam, so try to pace yourself instead of pulling a caffeine-fueled all-nighter just before a big test!