I Tried & Failed to Make Pinterest Halloween Cupcakes

I decided to jump onto the bandwagon of recreating Pinterest recipes. They look so easy, right? Well, that’s what they want you to think!

Since Halloween’s coming up, I thought making an easy Halloween themed dessert would be a fun party idea. After searching around on Pinterest for a while, procrastinating my homework, I found cupcakes that looked like mini-brains from Better Homes & Gardens. There was a video tutorial and everything, and it seemed easy enough.

Instead of making my own icing like they did in the original recipe, I bought the Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Strawberry Frosting instead. I also didn’t have the fancy center cutter that was shown in the video, so I just eye-balled it with a knife, which surprisingly turned out quite well. Everything else I followed according to the original recipe.

Now on the frustrating part: the brain design. In the video, you can see that all they do is do a layer of icing on top, followed by two straight lines down the middle with some squiggly lines on the side.


Not simple.

I spent almost half an hour trying to perfect those squiggles. And this is the final/best result I got…

I repeat...not simple.

However, not all was lost. I just decided to save that cupcake for me to eat, because a baker has to try their desserts before giving them to others, right? That’s definitely the number one bakers rule. As for the other cupcakes, I decided to put a layer of icing on the rest of them and take Hershey's Strawberry Syrup and just kind of threw it on the top of the cupcakes.

Although I was upset that I couldn't master the squiggly lines, I’m proud of how my blood spatter cupcakes turned out. What mattered by the end of the day is that they were very delicious!