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How to Make Online Classes Easier

  1. 1. Don't Sleep In!

    I know that it’s hard to not sleep in until 12 o'clock in the afternoon, but avoid it at all costs! The earlier you wake up, the more time you get to be productive, finish/get ahead on school work and have extra time to do whatever you’d like. Personally, I like to get up anytime before 9:15 and go through my student email and the websites I use for online classes. This will help you plan out your day and see if any teachers have updates,

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  2. 2. Change Up Your Scenery.

    Wherever you are, do not do work in your bed. It will lead to falling asleep, putting a movie on, going on your phone, etc. Working at a desk in your room is ideal as you're isolated and can focus. However, working in one spot all of the time can become dreadful, so it is nice to change up the scenery here and there. You can work in the living room, your backyard, or your sunroom (if you have one). Basically, you can work anywhere that you won't get distracted. 

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  3. 3. Get in Contact with Classmates.

    You may already know some of your classmates if you just recently transitioned to online classes, which is great. You can keep in contact with those classmates to help with classwork, studying or even reach out to see if they need help. If you've had online classes year-round, it will still benefit you to be in contact with your classmates so that you have a community to trust when you’re struggling.

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  4. 4. Keep Track of Dates.

    Whether it be in a journal, a planner, on your calendar, on sticky notes, etc. having something to look back on each day is crucial to succeeding. This will save your butt if you easily forget due dates and will help you get ahead. When you look at your planner (or whatever you use), you will see a lot of classwork and may even want to knock as much out as possible.,

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  5. 5. Take Breaks!

    Having in-person classes is way different than online classes. Online classes obviously require using technology for an extended period of time. That's why breaks are essential. Looking at a computer screen for a long time is not good for your body AT ALL. After 3 hours at most, you deserve and NEED a break. During this time, you can take a small nap, eat some food, watch an episode of your fave show, sit outside, etc. There's plenty to do. Just try not to exceed an hour-long break.


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