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How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

As a college student, I struggle with going to bed at a decent time. Whether it’s forgetting to complete an assignment due at midnight, eating my entire cabinet worth of food, or watching Tik Tok videos, I’ve always had an issue with my sleep schedule. Below are some helpful tips that I use myself to fall asleep quickly.

Wear a beauty mask!

Part of the reason why I can’t fall asleep is that I’m consistently on my cell phone or laptop. Drowning out everything around you with a mask can help you relax and keep your eyes closed! You can find them online or in any beauty store in different colors and patterns to personalize.

Apply Vicks Vapor Rub

It’s a common home remedy to put this on your feet and chest when you have a cold. However, I absolutely cannot sleep without this! Before bed, I put a dab underneath my nose. I personally use the lavender scented one. The scent relaxes me and smells amazing. I fall asleep so quickly! Some drug stores might also sell oils that help you fall asleep, too.

Lower the Temperature in Your Room

You’re more likely to fall asleep if the temperature is cooler! I like to set my thermostat anywhere from 68-72 degrees to be the most comfortable. Bundle up and get cozy.

Limit Your Caffeine 

It can take several hours for a cup of coffee to be processed. So, make sure you have your last cup of coffee way before bedtime! This will ensure you are not wide-awake while trying to hit the sheets.

Listen to Music

It can be distracting; however, I find it peaceful to put on throwback songs on a low volume when I go to sleep. Pick some of your favorites and set a playlist.

Ashleigh is a junior at Clemson University studying English and Brand Communication. She has hopes of writing for a magazine post-college. You can find her at the beach, chipotle, or in Death, Valley Stadium watching Clemson football!
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