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Finals Week via Clemson Tigers GIFs

1. When you finish your last paper of the semester and can finally focus on finals

2. When you hit the library the Saturday morning before finals week, open your textbook, and immediately realize you don’t know anything you’re supposed to know

3. When you keep distracting yourself and your roommate tries to keep you on track and studying


4. Making your way to your first exam after studying all weekend and knowing you’re ready to take on the challenge


5. When you know the answer to the first question on the exam


6. But then you go to number two and you have no idea where any of those words came from


7. When you pulled an all-nighter before your next exam and your brain has turned into goo so you forget how to spell your own name


8. When you don’t have time to nap before your next exam so you sugar-up

9. When you can’t keep going anymore but your friends are amazing and encouraging


10. When the exam is much longer than you anticipated and you didn’t allocate your time wisely, so you don’t finish

11. But nothing beats the moment you turn in your last final and have officially completed another semester

12. And then you celebrate with your friends for one final time before you go home

 13. Finish strong, Tigers, finish strong.  

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