Feed Your Brain

Ladies, finals week is upon us. And we all know what that means; stress, the library, late nights and probably a few missed meals. Actually, more than a few. Last semester, the week before finals I think I averaged a meal and like a handful of almonds or cashews a day.

To be honest, I’ve been doing this since sophomore year. If school or my extracurriculars got in the way, I wouldn’t worry about it because I figured it was more important than food. But then I got tired, I got sick, I got more stressed. I could say more, but basically, without food, I got more problems.


That is why, this semester, I’ve had to be better and actually create a plan to eat. And if I don’t eat, I make sure I have a plan to grab food. Coffee cups at Schilleter have been my saving grace. In the morning, I grab two cups; one for eggs and one for coffee and head out for class. If the eggs don’t look appetizing, I go for yogurt and some granola. Lunch is another story. Since I’m usually by Core, I always go for a wrap; if they are available for lunch. But also, their granola is delicious and always out, so I usually go for the yogurt and granola there for lunch as well. However, the taco meat, beans, lettuce, and cheese all fit perfectly in those cups.  


Finally, we reach dinner. Since I work two nights a week, Schiletter is always closed when I get back. That means I grab a sandwich and some tea from Starbucks on my way out or a salad from Wendy’s on my way back into Manning. If not, I make dinner plans with friends so I can have a little break from studying. This gives me a chance to get food and a little time to decompress from the day.

That gives me three good meals a day which allow me to feed my body and my brain. This is what I encourage all of my readers to do, too. This last week, make a plan to eat or at least grab some food in a cup from Schiletter. It will make you feel better about yourself, and you won’t be as tired or feel as dreary going into your exams. Make sure to feed your soul, feed your brain and even better, ace those exams!