Easy Ways to Be More Organized and Less Hassled

College is hard. Between classes, organizations, research, laundry, cooking, showering and whatever else is on your to-do list, there’s never enough free time. There always seems to be more to do than anyone has time for, and it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning. Here are some quick, easy ways to stay on top of things, keep track of upcoming assignments and convince your friends you’ve got your life together:


1. Start early

It’s annoying when you do it, but it saves you so much time later and will probably give your GPA a solid boost!


2. Get a planner!

And figure out an organizing system for it that works for you. Mine is highlighted like there’s no tomorrow, but it can be as simple as writing things down and just crossing them off when they’re done. Check out these build-your-own ones from Erin Condren!


3. Two words: filing cabinet

If you’re like me, your desk is covered in random papers with no home, which makes a lot of clutter. A little storage box with some files or folders can go a long way and keep your space neat!


4. Have a calendar synced on your phone and laptop

Fill it with whatever you need: due dates, friend dates, exam dates and whatever else is important enough for you to remember! You can even set reminders for yourself a day in advance so you’re always prepared.


5. Same with a to-do list that you can check off

Is there anything as satisfying as checking something off? Also a great reason to invest in a solid planner!


6. Know when to say no

Remember that it’s okay to say no to your friends or whoever if you’re overworked or stretching yourself too thin. If your friends really care about you, they won’t mind if you can’t hang out as much or have to cancel!


7. Schedule your whole day

This sounds like a lot of work but take it from me, it doesn’t take that long once you’ve got a system down for yourself. It’s just a great way to manage your time better and make sure you’re getting everything done!


8. And set 10 minutes every day to clean out your most recent emails

It makes me feel more productive at the beginning of the day, and it makes it easier to see important emails by getting rid of all my spam!


9. Turn off unnecessary notifications

I didn’t realize how much of a stressor it was to constantly have notifications. Turning them off not only got rid of a distraction, but also helped reduced my stress a bit because I wasn’t constantly hearing my phone going off!


10. Reward yourself at “checkpoints”

This is a great way to feel how much progress you’ve made and it builds little breaks into your schedule! Personally, I like to do an hour of work and then a quick 5-10 minute break, but it’s about whatever keeps you productive without overworking yourself.


11. Be sure to include breaks!

Breaks are important! Even if it’s just sleeping, eating or watching some Netflix, it’s important to let your brain and eyes rest and recover before getting back to work.