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Clemson’s Most Interesting Classes: 30 Students Reflect

Have you ever wondered what the coolest classes to take at Clemson University are? Read this for some course ideas before the spring semester registration begins!


Psychology of Music– “I never realized just how much went into the experience of music. This course gave me a deeper appreciation for all my favorite songs!” Juliana, SeniorWomen’s Leadership & Psychology


Computer Vision– “I got to learn how image processing works in regards to Artificial Intelligence.” Erin, Senior – Computer Engineering


Cults, Religions & Secret Societies (Honors Seminar)– “This class discussed conspiracy theories and how it affected people’s views on the world extensively. I definitely recommend this class and would retake it if I could.” Keerti, Senior – Computer Science


Foundations of Nonprofit Leadership– “This is a unique class where you can learn information that is applicable in the real world. It’s interesting to see why and how my favorite organizations do what they do.” Tyler, Junior – Biology


Adaptive Sports– “It’s a cool way to learn how to play and facilitate adaptive sports!” Megan, Senior – Recreational Major


Human Sexual Behavior– “I loved this class because it teaches you basically everything you need to know about sex education in a fun and interesting way!” Jessie, Senior – Psychology & Marketing


Scuba– “I’ve always wanted to scuba!” Chloe, Senior – Biology


Special Topics in Human Resources– “What I loved about this course is that a lot of it was discussion based, and we had a lot of activities that allowed us to better understand a certain topic or concept in a fun way. It really helped with my critical thinking and problem solving skills. I learned a lot and would definitely take it again.” Monique, Graduate – Psychology


Structure of Fiction (Intro to Creative Writing)– “This class pushes students to write short stories in a workshop setting. The other students read and discuss your story in class, and you do the same for them.” Lindsey, Senior – Secondary Education & English


Insects in Movies– “The entire class consists of watching different films that feature insects (Ant Man, Antz, etc.) and then discussing them in entomology.” David, Senior – Computer Science


Philosophy of Anarchism– “We’re reading texts by anarchists about anarchism and the goal of it, as well as how it isn’t just chaos but organized societies without the State.” Frances, Senior – Women’s Leadership & English


Meat Processing Techniques“This class taught me about different cuts of meat, allowing me to save money by doing it myself!” Brent, Graduate – Animal Veterinary Sciences


Women in Global Perspective– “This class discusses the global health disparities that affect women and promote critical thinking and advocacy. We got to design a project of implementing how we would address a women’s health disparity on the campus and in the community.” Brooke, Junior – Nursing


Entrepreneurial Foundations– “This class provided a robust introduction to analyzing the risks associated with starting a business along with tips for acquiring resources and building relationships with investors. The class entailed participating in a mock version of Shark Tank where students were able to invent product ideas and pitch their viable pro-forma business plans!” Julie, Senior – Architecture


African American Religion– “I love this class! It’s a great opportunity to learn both about the history of African Americans in the US but we also spend a lot of time talking about current racial issues and problems on Clemson’s campus.” Laurel, Senior – Sociology


International Marketing– “I really like Dr. Poehlman – he’s the best professor I’ve ever had. Also it’s not a traditional marketing class. He teaches evolution so you understand why people behave the way they do and then why they buy certain things.” Natalie, Graduate – Language & International Trade


Fungi & Civilization– “This was the most interesting class I have taken at Clemson. Through the class I was able to learn all about mushrooms and even grow my own fungi!” Thomas, Junior – English


US Constitution: Rights & Liberties– “Everyday you learn about a new court case and get to debate it.” Margaret, Senior – Political Science


Landscape Architecture– “Studying how ancient civilizations used the sun and the tools they had to create very elaborate structures was so cool. It’s amazing that so much could be built without technology.” Matt, Junior – Accounting


Structured Poetry– “You get to learn about non-traditional types of poetry and how to improve your own poetry writing! It was really cool.” Rachel, Junior – Sociology


Vertebrate Biology­– “I found the information about how vertebrates have evolved through time fascinating and, although the lecture material was sometimes dense, the passion that Dr.Blob has for the subject made the class engaging and fun! 10/10 would recommend.” Mia, Senior – Science Teaching


Women & Psychology– “This class is interesting because it raises your awareness to women’s issues globally and gives you practical ways to be an advocate for women!” Amberlyn, Senior – Women’s Leadership


Additional interesting classes include Stellar Astronomy, Sports Tourism, Personality, Positive Psychology, Heritage Tourism, Ashtanga Yoga Leisure Skill, and Psychology of Coaching, 20th & 21st Century Literature.  


Happy learning!

Hey! I'm Juliana Baumann. I'm a Women's Leadership and Psychology student at Clemson University. I stay active at Clemson through my position as a UPIC Intern, and my involvement in campus organizations such as Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, She's a 10, and Her Campus! When I'm not running around from meeting to meeting, you can find me traveling within the US and around the world!
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