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Clemson Guy Reveals: Why Guys use Social Media

It has recently come to my attention that some of you Clemson ladies are confused about guys when it comes to our use of social media. I’ll agree: we are a confusing group.  There are those of us who have tweeted once and our only profile picture is from our Senior prom. Then, there are those of us who never stop tweeting, muploading, or posting links to amazing articles that they found online (obviously from Her Campus). Naturally, you can guess what type of social media user this guy is.  To help you understand guys and what they do online, here’s a rundown of the general male species’ social media activity:
Tweets: We love to tweet. However, we generally
keep our tweets short and sweet. That being said, Ican handle 140 characters of girls talking about their need for Diet Coke or reading a #ClemsonGirlProblem. For us guys, Twitter is a place to document all of our observations during our daily life. From tweets about the abundance of yoga pants in Fike (yes please) to a funny party twitpic, it’s all fair game to us. Rule of thumb: if your guy is tweeting a lot about what he is doing-- for example: ‘postin’ up in Cooper #longnight’ or 'hittin Fike #getswelled’-- it’s a pretty good sign that he’s got a big head, most likely compensating for some, ahem, smaller areas. It’s probably best if you hit the unfollow button on this one.
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Wall Post:  Wall posts on other guy’s walls will basically consist of the funny Youtube video or the Saturday morning ‘are you alive?’ posts. When it comes to posts on girls' Facebok walls, the wall posts are generally pretty rare, unless you’re strictly in the friend zone. In that case, it’s all about finding ugly/funny pictures of you and posting them for the world to see (aren’t you so glad we’re friends?!?!).  Any wall post that goes along the lines of ‘Where have you been, haven’t seen you in a while’ should come as a red flag. This kid clearly doesn’t have your number to text you this message and there’s a reason for that--this guy just isn’t worth your time, or is a total creep (possibly both).
Poking: Facebook poking is strictly reserved for those of us who aren’t near you at the time (high school friends) or current hookups. Note: once the hookup is over, NEVER POKE THEM AGAIN-- it just sends a weird and annoying vibe.
Pictures: Despite what you think, guys put a lot of consideration into what our pictures look like.  We all know just how intensely some of you girls will creep on us, and we really are just trying to make a good impression. In some of our pictures, you might see the classic “Power Point” or Captain Morgan stance as a way to exert dominance. For the Greek ladies out there, we are more than happy to throw your letters with you in a picture. Why? It’s a status symbol. Lots of ‘throw-what-you-know' pics = this guy is a great date and is a Panhellenic fan favorite for sure.

(Power stance with the grand-little, showing my love to  ADPi, and Alpha Chi friends)

Commenting/Liking on Your Posts:  Commenting is a very controversial topic for us guys.  General rule of thumb: if it is something public, (i.e. Clemson related, or how you got an internship) then it’s all fair game.  If it’s something directly related to us, (i.e. calling me out, or a picture of me) it’s also generally accepted. If it's anything else, a comment or 'lik'e could go either way.
Pinterest:  If the guy you are talking to has a Pinterest, I’m gonna be honest-- he is most likely not interested in you, or any other female, for that matter.

(Special thanks to Liz Blasi and the girls of ChiO for help on this article)
Photo Source: http://catchwordbranding.com/catchthis/brand-naming/tweet-me-not-even-more-evidence-that-the-new-york-times-is-a-dinosaur/

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