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Big/Little Gift Ideas: How to Spoil Your Little Rotten!

            Ahh! Big/little season is upon us! Though this time of year is extremely exciting for those of us taking littles in our sororities, clubs, what have you, it can also be stressful if you’re not the most creative. Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of some ideas you can steal to show your little just how much you love he, and how happy you are to welcome her into your fam.

1. Ice Cream Sundae in a Box:

If I were the little in this scenario, nothing would make me happier than receiving something I can eat. If you’re not the best baker, I recommend putting together a cute little box of all the popular ice cream sundae fix-ins. For example, you can put sprinkles, gummy bears or hot fudge into little mason jars, tie some pretty ribbon around a few spoons and a scooper, maybe add some waffle cones, and voila!  All she needs to do is add ice cream!

2. Stickers:

Stickers are everyone’s favorite. They’re so versatile for college students.  We see them on laptops and water bottles everywhere we go. Odds are if your little is a freshman, she likely hasn’t acquired many stickers yet, so you can help her start her collection.

3. Pin Box:

In many organizations, members are given a pin during initiation that they must wear to meetings and various events. You can make your little a fun, decorative box to store hers in! If you aren’t the DIY type, many stores sell inexpensive, small jewelry boxes so feel free to scoop up one of those!

4. Handwritten Letter:

The big/little process can be a little expensive, even if you feel you’re balling on a budget. Including a handwritten letter to your little is both extremely heartfelt and extremely cheap. I highly recommend taking the time to sit down and write to your little…honestly, she will probably appreciate it more than any other gift you buy her, no matter how expensive.

5. Small Gift Cards:

This goes for any occasion…when in doubt, buy a gift card!  Odds are, your little gets lunch or coffee on campus quite often.  Let her know that her next cup of coffee is on you!  You can even write a cute, punny message on it such as “your big loves you a latte!” 


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