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Advice for a First Semester Freshman

Don’t Be Shy During Class

Talk to people around you! That's how I met one of my best friend's, which led to me meeting an amazing group of girls!

Call Your Parents

You might love the new found freedom, but keep your parents in the loop. They worry.

Don't Try to Recreate High School

Your classes are gonna need a hell of a lot more studying. Make sure to set some weekends aside for extra studying and catching up on assignments.

Don't Sign Up for Every Club at Tiger Prowl

Pick a couple things you think you'd really enjoy (like Her Campus!) and really get involved in those. Our Clemson Correspondent, Hannah Fanset, was a freshman when she got the Her Campus job, and it's gonna look great on her resumes! If you stay true to one or two clubs, there will be leadership opportunities available, and that'll open a lot of doors in the future!


Don't Do Your Laundry on a Sunday -- You'll Be Fighting for a Washer/Dryer

I recommend the middle of the week during the day. If you're in class for an hour throw your stuff in before you go!

Don't Beat Yourself Up, You're Still Learning

Studying in college is so much different than studying in high school. Try a study buddy! Ask the professor what the best way to study for their class is. Trust me, face to face time with your professors can potentially save your grade.

Talk to Advisors and Really Figure Out Where You're Heading in Your Four Years

Tell them if you're thinking about studying abroad, Disney college program, anything! If you tell them what you want they will help you find the schedule that works best for you in the long run!


Sit in the Front 

Professors will remember your face which can be a great thing. A professor that knows you will be more likely to help you! Also, you won't get distracted by others.

Go to Games

I didn't go to a single football, basketball, volleyball, or baseball game during my first year, and it's one of the biggest things I regret. Try it at least once!

Follow Different Clemson Organizations on Insta

They announce giveaways, fun events, and so much more! Also, most events they host are FREE!

Do Not Sign a Lease Your First Semester (If You're Living Off Campus Your Sophomore Year)

This is probably the biggest one yet. Trust me. If you think that you are gonna room next year with your roommate, just wait. Things can change. You could meet new people.  Also, everyone and their mother will be trying to sublet their leases come spring semester, and sometimes they offer discounts!

Treat School like a 9-5 Job, Then You'll Have Your Nights and Weekends Free

Shout out to Dr. Switzer for this advice. This is the best advice if you follow it. If you complete all your school work between 9am and 5pm, then your savings will be free to do whatever you want, and your weekends will be free to go to games!

Know Your Safety Routes

Sometimes you might be in a situation that you feel uncomfortable or even in danger. If you are ever in those situations, know where you can go for safety. I recommend having Clemson Police number (864-656-2222)  on your speed dial list. They are very friendly, and have walked me to my car at night when I felt a little unsafe. Also, know what services that are available to you at Redfern. Redfern has a women's clinic that offers regular checkups, STD testing, contraceptives, pregnancy test, and any other needs you might have. CAPS provides therapy appointments if you're feeling lost, sad, or even suicidal. Its an amazing service that I highly recommend if you need to talk to someone.

Have Fun

Yes, this may be a cliche, but its true. These are supposed to be the best 4 years of your life, so enjoy it!


Devon Smith

Clemson '21

Psychology Major; Communication Minor; Cat Lover; Makeup Obsessed; Disney College Program Cast Memebr 
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