51 Ways to be Kind Everyday

When most of us think about being kind to someone else, we think of a grand gesture that we unfortunately don’t always have time to plan. But, a little can go a long way, especially when it’s something as easy as being nice to others. Here are some quick and easy ideas to incorporate kindness into your everyday life! Not only will it make other people happy, but it’ll keep you (and your karma if you believe in it) shining bright!


1. Treat your friend to Starbucks

2. Give your spot at the library to a friend when you leave for class

3. Share your notes!

4. Start a conversation with a smile with the dining hall employees

5. Call your parents just to say hi

6. Make an appreciation post for your friend on social media

7. Clean the apartment, even if it’s your roommate’s turn

8. Listen to a friend rant when they really need it

9. Pick up litter and throw it away, even if it’s just on your way to class

10. Give someone else your seat on the bus

11. Leave your study space clean for the next person

12. Swipe some lucky person into the dining hall

13. Make extra food so your roommate has a meal too

14. Text your best friend good morning (or good night)

15. Tell someone special in your life you love them

16. Give a compliment to your barista

17. Donate to charity, even if it’s just a little bit

18. Buy a random gift for someone

19. Cook dinner for someone

20. Ask your friend how their day went and then just listen

21. If you go grocery shopping, ask to pick something up for someone

22. Take a few minutes to help someone with an assignment

23. Leave a sweet or happy note for someone

24. Send a bouquet of flowers to a local hospital, senior home, or free clinic

25. Leave a big tip for your waiter or waitress

26. Hold the door open for someone

27. Let someone go ahead of you in line

28. Say thank you

29. Volunteer somewhere

30. Give up your parking space for another

31. Praise/thank someone whether it be a peer, a waiter, a policeman, etc. for their hard work

32. Reach out to an old friend

33. Help out someone who’s sick or injured

34. Take dinner to your friend who’s cramming in the library or has a hard week

35. Donate your old books to a library

36. Give your textbooks to a friend or classmate instead of selling them

37. Grow your hair out and donate your ponytail

38. Donate blood​

39. Forgive someone who hurt you in the past

40. Help someone you don’t like

41. Take time for yourself too!

42. Keep a promise

43. Listen to something your friend wants and then do it or get that for them

44. Stand up for someone else

45. Help pick up clothes in a changing room or store

46. Throw a surprise party


47. Start a conversation with a stranger

48. Clean up someone else’s mess

49. Try not to complain at all for as long as you can

50. Smile more often

51. Be kind to yourself!