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5 Ways to Keep a Friendship Healthy

There are always relationship tips, but never friendship tips. It is a classic occurrence that happens: you watch your friends slip away or you distance yourself. There is the idea that people come and go, but the people who stay are your friends. However, it has become a popular habit where the relationship is only beneficial for one person, while the other feels left out or used.


So here are a few ways to keep that healthy balance:


1.     Hang out just the two of you. Whether you are going out to dinner or just sitting and watching Netflix… Those moments add up.

2.     Don’t always ask and never give. Sure a true friend will always do anything for you. But don’t make it where you only get and never give them some love too.

3.     Communicate with each other asking about your days, exams, classes, and anything else going on in your life.

4.      Build trust with each other. Be consistently there for the good and the bad. Trust seems like a simple thing, but building it and keeping it are crucial.

5.     Know how to apologize. Sometimes people come off a little strong, or say things in the heat of the moment. Learning to apologize and being sympathetic can keep the relationship strong. Do not pretend something didn’t happen.


With all these tips it may sound like I am talking about a dating relationship. The two are actually very similar. They both need nurturing, compassion, and trust. So if you feel your friends slipping away or you are feeling neglected, take some time to focus on the relationship. Talk to each other and work it out! 

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