5 Positivity Life Hacks

In the daily grind of classes, homework, projects, and intramural sports that you’re alarmingly dedicated to, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As college students, we face internal and external stressors on the daily, if not hourly, basis. Listen, if you’ve survived this long in pursuit of a college degree and potentially lofty career aspirations, you deserve a daily dose of positivity! Check out my pro tips on how to stay positive and uplifted during the trials and tribulations of higher education!


1. Read Amazon Reviews of Products You Already Own!


Find kindred spirits who also think your blender’s “puree” setting is more of a “fine chop”.


2.  Make a Box of Mac and Cheese, and Eat All of It!

Let’s be real, kid-food is delicious.


3. Take a Shower


This is such a 3-in-1! It’s relaxing, counts as personal hygiene, and you get some personal time to think, sing, or win an imaginary argument with yourself!


4. Call a Family Member or Friend


They’d love to hear from you, and talking to them will make you feel loved and connected.


5. Get a Rewards Card, Any Rewards Card


What an easy way to feel valued!