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5 Must Do’s of Your Freshman Year at Clemson

1. Go to Tiger Prowl

Tiger Prowl is an event held by Clemson where clubs, organizations, sports, and groups host tables to talk to you about what they do. Not only do you get LOADS of free stuff, but you also get to dip your toe into the vast lists of things you can be a part of at Clemson. Tiger Prowl is how I fell in love with Her Campus and Sigma Alpha Omega.  Do not hesitate to take flyers for everything and find a table that is giving out bags to stuff all of your free goodies in. Make sure you get there early so that you beat the rush and also get all of the good stuff!

2. Attend as Many Football Games as Possible

You’re only going to be in college once, so make these four years the best! Even if you’re not a huge fan of football, find some friends and go to as many games as you can! Football games aren’t just about the game, but about the experience! Cheering on the Tigers with your fellow classmates and screaming things you don’t understand makes you part of the Clemson family. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, and always wear orange or purple!

3. Go to at least One Party

It’s important as a freshman that you get the total college experience, and this includes parties. If you’re not a huge partyer, maybe skip out on blowout and the first couple weeks. After that, however, make sure you grab some friends that you trust and head to one of the many parties hosted near campus. Don’t forget to be responsible but also to have fun!

4. Explore Downtown

Downtown is one of my favorite parts of Clemson. There are tons of shops with Clemson gear, food, and coffee shops. While living on campus, you have close access to downtown, so make sure that you utilize it by grabbing some friends and some grub!

Most importantly, you’re not in high school anymore. Your parents aren’t here, and you have the freedom of a new adult. Be spontaneous and do things that you want to do (responsibly). Don’t forget to balance your school and social life, but you are free to express yourself in thousands of ways. Let your inner sparkle shine and have the time of your life!

Devon is a marketing major with a minor in communications at Clemson University. She's from Anderson, South Carolina. A southern gal deep in her roots, she can't live without sweet tea. She DIY's everything (even if it's not necessary) and loves to be creative. She loves adventures, hanging with friends, and all kinds of animals. Devon is never afraid to share her opinion or dance when everyone's watching. Feel free to follow her on instagram @devon_finley
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