31 Reasons To Have Internships


1.     Resumes! I know you hear it all the time but it is SO important for getting your first job.

2.     You wont be bored

3.     Gives you something useful to do over the summer.



4.     Actually putting to use what you learn in class

5.     And building upon what you have learned

6.     Some even pay you $$$



7.     Sometimes they are fun!

8.     “Entry level jobs” want 1-3 years of experience already to get the job and these will count!

9.     You don’t always have to do the “coffee run” type of activities. Many companies really utilize their interns



10. It can help you realize if you really are interested in the career you think you are.

11. Trust me, trying out different fields REALLY helps

12. Chance to network.


13. A lot of companies actually hire their interns once they graduate

14. You might get to attend some really cool events

15. Like really awesome events such as galas, sporting events, dinners, company parties, etc.


16. Clemson can definitely help you find them if you want something local

17. You might even be able to find one right on campus

18. You can find the environment you want to work in. Maybe you will see a traditional desk job is not for you.



19. Definitely gain professional references and don’t have to use your grandpa

20. You can meet some really awesome co-workers. My summer internship had like 30 interns and they made each day of work so much better.

21. You can get class credit for doing it and your degree might actually require it



22. You could do an internship in your degree field but a totally different industry than you ever thought you would work in

23. Practice in interviewing before your full career begins

24. It’s possible that you will see gaps between your courses and the real world and this will help to fill them or guide you towards electives to take

25. Can help you negotiate more pay in your first job

26. Gives you a taste of the real world without having to completely jump over the edge all at once

27. You may get a training program that will give you a leg up on other people in your first job



28. If you are really adventurous, get one abroad! How fun would that be and definitely impressive

29. Helps to determine if you prefer large or small companies

30. Your parents will be proud of you

31. They really can be fun so make the most out of the experience!!