26 Thoughts While Registering for Next Semester

1. I’ve got this now. I’ve registered for classes before, and I can avoid all that stress this time around.


2. Okay, so… where’s Degree Works again?


3. Look at me being all productive!


4. Alright, let’s just toy with this.


5. So, this class goes there, and that goes here.


6. Wait. There’s a small conflict. No biggie, I can fix this.


7. That made two new conflicts.


8. I got this. Everything’s all good.


9. Oh no. It’s worse than before.


10. Let me just look at this list of necessary classes again.


11. Okay, so if I move this here, it conflicts with this class.


12. In the only class that works for my schedule, the professor has an “A rate” of 2%.



13. This is such a mess that I’m getting dizzy.  


14. Everything is fine. I can just start over with a new plan.


15. It’s happening again. Nothing fits.


16. I can do this. I am a college student who can manage a simple schedule.


17. Can I hire someone to make my schedule for me?


18. Okay, we got a solid draft.


19. This is passible?


20. That’s it. I’m taking a break.


21. Wait, I’m registering when???


22. Let’s buckle down and fix this up.


23. I have to take an 8 am next semester. Cool.


24. It’s now or never.


25. I’m registered. I survived!


26. Wait… I have to do this next semester, too.