20 Gifs That Sum Up Living in Douthit

1. Move-In Weekend: OMG THIS IS SO NICE 

2. When You Find Ways To Connect All Your Devices Using Only The 4 Oddly Spaced Outlets

3. A Week Into the Semester When You Realize the Walls Are Hella Thin and You Can Hear Everything Your Roommate's Doing

4. When Maintenance Charges Into Your Room at 9am on a Saturday

5. How You Feel While Enjoying Your Full-Size Bed

6. During the Third Fire Alarm of the Year and It’s Only the 2nd Week of School

7. While Enjoying Your View of Tillman

8. When the Door Alarm Is Broken Again and Won’t Shut Up

9. Being Able to Make Your Own Food Instead of Relying on the Dining Hall 24/7

10. Having the Elevator On Your Side of the Building Constantly Be Out of Order When You Have Packages or Groceries

11. Having the New Douthit Gym Only a Five Min Walk Away

12. Having the New Douthit Gym Open Half Way Through the Semester

13. When the Hub Has Much Better Food Than The Other Dining Halls

14. When You Only Get 1 Swipe Per Meal Period

15. When You Don’t Have to Walk Up That Steep Hill By the Stadium To Get To Your Car

16. When Parking Services Are Tyrants, There’s Not Enough Parking, They Won’t Get Rid of The Metered Parking in the Student Lots, and You Have to Walk Back from the Lot Next to the Highway at Midnight on a Thursday

17. When You Actually Get a Spot in R-7

18. When You See People Using the Dipping Pool

19. When You Spend All Your Money at Freshens Getting Smoothies

20. After Making Your Full-Size Bed