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Your New Guide to Navigating Clark: A Complete List of Office Changes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

With every new academic year comes lots of changes and this year was no exception. The Clark campus underwent some very significant changes over the summer with the completion of the new Alumni and Student Engagement Center (or ASEC). If you’re having trouble figuring out exactly where offices are located now, we’ve got you covered!

The biggest shift was that most of the offices that were housed in the brownstones across from Atwood moved into the ASEC building. A few offices that were housed in the Geography building also moved along with the LEEP Center. Check out the at-a-glance list below before you run all over campus trying to get a form signed or turn in paperwork.


Alumni and Student Engagement Center:

  • LEEP Center
  • Dean of the College
  • Dean of Students
  • Registrar
  • Financial Assistance
  • Financial Services
  • Business Manager
  • Human Resources
  • OneCard Office
  • Campus Store
  • The Den coffee shop


Dana Commons:

  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Higgins School for the Humanities
  • The office for Multicultural and First Generation Support
  • The Center on Gender, Race and Area Studies
  • The McCann Resource Room
  • The Fireside Lounge (with Women’s and Gender Studies, and Peace Studies libraries
  • The Prayer/Meditation Room

Here’s to not getting lost this semester!

Kelly is a student at Clark University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies and Communications with a minor in Business Management. When Kelly is not in class, you can find her working in the Education Department at The Hanover Theatre, teaching Zumba classes and dancing her heart out with Clark University's Dance Society. Her favorite color is pink (especially Her Campus pink!) and she loves everything monogrammed. Kelly enjoys spending time with her friends, family, boyfriend, and two adorable cats. Kelly is thrilled to be a new Campus Correspondent alongside one of her best friends, Ciara Kilian. Follow along with her on Instagram and Twitter @kellrour HCXO!