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Withings Fitness Watches: A Clarkie Review!

In the midst of our busy lives, fitness is something that can fall to the wayside. We compared the Withings brand to other popular activity trackers. Here’s what we found!

(Author’s note: This is not sponsored by Withings. We simply wanted to share our thoughts on a lesser known brand!)

What is Withings?

Withings is an electronics brand, that focuses on activity tracking watches but also makes products like smart scales and smart thermometers.

What makes them difference from other activity watch brands?

The number one differentiating factor is that their main watch products are designed to look like “normal” watches, with no obvious appearance of them being an activity tracker. The number one selling feature is the fact that the watches are water-proof. The watch is even designed to track lap swimming. Until recently with the new edition of the Apple Watch and the very new Fitbit, this was not a feature seen on any other activity tracker. All watches also allow you to switch the color and style of the band, include sleep tracking, and allow for input of physical activity such as a sport, yoga, walking, etc. to keep track of what activities you do throughout your week. Additionally, almost all of the models run on a battery just like a normal watch, so you can go up to 8 months without having to replace the battery, and there is no day-to-day charging. The watches also include a silent (vibrate) alarm. 

Withings has 2 main types of watches, the pop/steel/sapphire and the Steel HR. Withings also offers two options for activity trackers that can be clipped to clothing that do not have as many features as the full watches.

Pop/steel/Sapphire: All of these watches have the same function, but differ in their appearance. The “pop” comes in all black, all blue, all cream, and all pink. These four are described as “casual” and are priced at $129.95. The “steel” provides for a more professional look, with the watch itself being either black or white with stainless steel. The steel is priced at $149.95. The “sapphire” is the most deluxe of these three options, being “Swiss-made” and coming with leather wristband. The sapphire is priced at $450.00. While each watch type comes with a different original band, all bands can be swapped out with another color or type. For price comparison, Fitbits range from $99.95 to $249.95 for the wearable options.

Steel HR: This is the newest Withings watch, with similar features to the Fitbit Surge. This is the only model with heartrate monitoring, the only watch that you can connect to your phone to show calls and texts, and the only model that needs to be charged instead of having its battery replaced; the charge lasts up to 25 days. While not yet available for purchase, it is on their website and ranges in price from $179.95 to $199.95.

Which watch should I get?

 For an average college student dealing with student loans, the pop and steel are the most feasible options financially. The steel provides a more “professional appearance” if one is looking to step up their interview game and offer a classier touch, but the pop is still a great option. Purchasing an initial band color of black or white is a good choice, but individual bands are also available for purchase if you would like to switch up your look based on the season, or just for fun!

Why do we love our Withings?

Savannah: I have always loved the idea of activity trackers, but I play volleyball (a sport that you cannot have anything on your wrists for) and didn’t want to spend money on a tracker that I wouldn’t use for a majority of the time I was exercising. I never owned a watch, but saw the need for one when I started leading campus tours and kept having to check my phone to make sure my tour was on time, which was very unprofessional. I am also a lifeguard and it is very important to have a waterproof watch I can use to make sure I am switching with the other guards on time.  I had a few friends who owned a Withings watch and loved the idea of having a watch I could use on tours that would also tell me how active I was each day. I feel that my Pop looks professional enough for academic settings, but I can also swim with it on and not be worried about damaging it. I can also still wear it with my day-to-day outfits as a stylish accessory. I only own a black and a white band, but enjoy the opportunity to switch up the colors.

Jess: Savannah is one of my biggest influencers in terms of trusting and buying products. Having a friend who trusts a product means so much more to me to me in terms of buying a more expensive product when I got one. I love the idea of a watch I can wear all the time and trust not to break. Often I go right from a waitressing job at Annie’s Clark Brunch to a job in an office to class. Having one watch that looks like a watch and tracks my activity is perfect. I hated always taking my watch off to waitress when I did dishes because of waterproofing and then forgetting to have it on in the middle of class. I’ve worn a watch for as long as I can remember but never had a consistent one. Having the Withings, which looks like a watch but acts so much more was my solution in terms of having one trustworthy watch. I couldn’t have spent that much money unless it really lived up to all the different gadgets that it does! I loved being able to plug in yoga or exercises that I don’t wear my watch for. 

What else do we do in our watches?

We track our sleep, we work at Annie’s and spill food and water on it, we dive in pools, we check the time repeatedly during class, and, last but not least, we brag about how much we love our watches. It helps to have a consistent companion on or wrists. While it’s easy to switch bands, having something flexible and trustworthy for every single activity is key. What you can’t wear your watch for—volleyball practice, yoga, etc.—you can add into the tracker later!

Fitbit is a lot more popular and similarly priced, which one should I get?

In the end, most activity trackers accomplish the same goals. Their phone applications look similar, they track your steps, and they are something you wear on your wrist. For us, the convincing factors were the lack of charging, the ability to change bands, and the waterproofness. Additionally, it was great to have an activity tracker that didn’t scream “Hey look I’m tracking my steps!!” No one ever knows that the watch tracks steps and has an entire application until we have mentioned it. 

Savannah is a four-year student at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and is still (somehow) adjusting to life on the East Coast. Being from San Francisco, she loves the Giants, being outdoors, and warm weather. Savannah has a busy schedule as a arsity athlete, a campus tour guide, an announcer at basketball games, and a member of the ITS Help Desk. Academically, she is studying Environmental Science and Geography. Her favorite hobbies include ballet, watching baseball, hiking, and watching The Vampire Diaries and Survivor
Jess is a Senior at Clark University who hails from Detroit, Michigan. She spends her time at college studying Psychology and Culture Studies & Communication, and trying to get involved in everything she can on campus! Jess wears a number of hat's around campus such as, President of the Student Activities Board, Co-President of Radio of Clark University, an intern for the Student Leadership and Programming Office, waitress at Annies Clark Brunch, and the Events Director for Clark's chapter of Her Campus! In her spare time Jess enjoys listening to music, reading, exploring Worcester, and spending time with friends!
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