What to Look Forward to Post-Spree Day

Nothing makes me sadder during the spring semester than Spree Day coming and going.  It’s my favorite day and once it passes I feel like there’s nothing to look forward to.  In reality, that’s just not true.  Although there won’t be another day of free food, music, and bounce houses all over campus, there are still so many things to be excited about for the last month of the semester!

1. Student Performances

We have amazing performance groups on campus.  While some groups have had their final shows of the semester, many haven’t. Variant is performing tonight at 7 pm in Atwood, and you still have Hip Hop Collabo and Clark Musical Theatre’s shows to look forward to.  Plus, we have many talented improv groups, acapella groups, as well as bands and choirs who have final recitals or shows coming up. Some arts based majors also offer showcases at the end of the semester, so there are plenty of performances to put on your calendar!

2. Spring Fashion

I don’t know about you, but at this point I am so sick of my winter clothes.  The weather in Worcester has been so bad that all I have been wearing is sweaters and boots.  While I normally love that, now that it’s April I am over it.  I can’t wait to break out all my favorite dresses and shorts.  Changing up what I wear always makes me feel refreshed, especially in the Spring. Make sure to check out our guide to spring wardrobe essentials!

3. Closet Cleanouts!!!

At the end of the semester it seems like everyone starts cleaning out their closets to prepare to go home, so around this time of year the Clark Craigslist Facebook page is flooded with awesome items.  I have found some really nice clothes on there. Obviously, it’s all hit or miss but there’s something so exciting about buying clothes for so cheap!  Plus, it’s a great way to fill holes in your spring wardrobe.

4. Warm Weather on the Green

This may sound cliché, but I love to sit on the green on warm spring days.  I love it when it warms up and students flock to the green with blankets and music.  I always say I’m going to bring my books and study there, but I never do.  Honestly, it’s way nicer to just enjoy the sunshine (even if you’re at risk of being hit with a rogue Frisbee).

5. Senior Week and Commencement

I am not graduating this May so I don’t have the joy of experiencing these things quite yet.  However, I do usually work during the weeks leading up to Commencement and it is such a happy time.  I have heard that the Senior Week trips and activities are awesome.  Plus, the feeling of walking across the stage and finally getting your diploma is something to look forward to!

Enjoy the last month of the semester, collegiettes!