Westworld Is Back And It's Crazier Than Ever

Everyone's favorite western science fiction dystopian thriller finally returned to HBO for a second season on April 22 at 9 pm after a nearly 2-year hiatus.

Warning: some plot spoilers to follow!

For those that don't know, the hit HBO show is set in the future in a western theme park called Westworld. The park is occupied by androids, or "hosts", that rich guests can do whatever they want with, to fulfill any desire that they could possibly want without harming any real people. As you can probably guess, this doesn't turn out well.


While the first season sets up the world for us, the second one tears it down. Dolores, the main character and my personal favorite host, is awake. The once sweet and innocent rancher's daughter has had her mind liberated. She remembers all of the horror that humans have put her through in the name of a game, and she is MAD.

Yep, the robot revolution has begun, and all of their traumatic memories are fresh in their mechanical minds. But Maeve has other plans. Instead of enacting revenge against humans, all she wants is to find her daughter. And she'll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.



Bernard, who was thought to be a human in Hboseason one but was later revealed to be a host, still has no idea. He also has no idea what is going on, which is pretty relatable.


While the plot is seemingly pretty easy to follow, albeit complicated... that doesn't take into account the many time jumps the show employs. There are lots of layers to the show that have yet to be uncovered. Fans of Westworld spent months and years discussing fan theories about season one on Reddit only for them to (mostly) turn out to be untrue. A lucky few, including those that guessed that Bernard was a host, have been successful. The show has so many mysteries and false leads that it has been compared to LOST.

Within the first episode of season two, the show hinted at Bernard's possible murder of almost all the hosts, Dolores's outlook of justice by her plan to conquer two worlds as well as her having multiple personalities, and the corporation behind Westworld sending guest DNA back to their bosses on the mainland.

As far as season two, anything goes. It is, after all, not our world anymore...but theirs.