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Thoughts You Have When It’s Still Cold During Spring

This past Tuesday was officially the first day of Spring, and as excited as most of us are to say good-bye to Winter it doesn’t seem like it’s leaving anytime soon. Maybe the Groundhog was right? Until the weather starts to get nicer, we have a lot of emotions about this gloom. Here are some thoughts you have when you’re anxiously waiting for Spring to arrive:

Is it always this cold in March?

Let me check the weather…ANOTHER snowstorm is coming?!

At least I have no reason to leave my room!

Maybe I’ll just check the weather app one more time to see if anything’s changed in the past few hours…

Screw this , Im transferring to a school where it’s always warm


Annabelle is a Senior at Clark University, finishing her undergraduate studies in Business Management, and starting her MBA studies in the 5th year accelerated degree program at Clark. She loves fashion, photography, and writing!
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