Summer Internship Checklist

Do you have an internship this summer? Not sure how to prepare? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We;ve compiled a summer internship checklist to make sure you walk in on the first day feeling as confident as ever.

1. Know the dress code of the place you’re working

Business casual? Business formal? T-shirt and jeans? These are the important questions.

2. If the area is new to you, try getting there once before you actually start so you’re confident in getting there

A practice run could save you getting lost (and being late!) on the first day.

3. Make sure you’ve figured out a living situation and know the details

Also make sure to budget accordingly for living expenses!

4. Make sure you have comfortable shoes

There is NOTHING worse than wearing your cutest pair of shoes only to realize that they make your feet blister.

5. Research the area you’ll be working in

Are there any good lunch spots?

6. Try to meet up with another intern to get to know them before you start

The saying “there’s strength in numbers” exists for a reason.

7. Go into it with an open mind and positive attitude

Setting expectations can make or break an internship experience. Remind yourself that it might not be exactly as you think it will—and that’s okay!

8. Research other opportunities to fill your free time especially if you’re away from home

This is including but not limited to finding a gym or volunteer opportunities in the area.