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Review: Emergen-C Super Orange

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

I had a horrible cold. I felt it coming. I didn't have medicine though.

But I was in luck.

Emergen-C made it so that my cold symptoms did not last as long as expected and they were probably not as horrible as they could've been.

This product, Super Orange, adds a citrus-y fizz to your drink. The fizz is not like seltzer or soda though. It's subtle and quite pleasant in drinks, and the taste of orange doesn't taste fake at all--and I'm pretty pick when it comes to orange juice and things that are of that flavor.

Super Orange doesn't have to just be used when you're feeling a cold hit either! The nutrients in the product, including Vitamin C and B, help with each day. They're the essential pick me up we all need.

You also don't just need to put this in water. I added it to my breakfast smoothie!


The recipe:

- one banana

- mixed frozen berries

- one packet of Super Orange

- almond milk


And it worked great!