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National Better Breakfast Month

National Better Breakfast Month? Is there even such a thing? Of Course, there is and we’re in the midst of it!

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This funky month of observation actually started during World War I & World War II, when the US government started a program to enforce the importance of eating a good breakfast.

Then in the year of 1951, the Cereal Institute advertised Better Breakfast Month for the first time in September, as studies suggested that breakfast was in face the most important meal of the day.  

The Cereal Institute then decided to dedicate the whole month coordinating with school kids and others who are making their way back to classes and everyday work; ensuring that they knew to get a quality breakfast in before they start their day.

September has become the month of observance and September 26th is Better Breakfast day!


Source: https://www.bobevans.com/our-restaurants/menu/breakfasts/farm-fresh-eggs…


As college students it can become extremely challenging to fit in breakfast every day, but for the rest of this month, I challenge YOU to make your breakfasts, better! Set up come breakfast dates with a group of friends, add a piece of fruit to your granola bar, make a smoothie!


Julia is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Clark University. She is currently a sophomore who is pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Development, along with a minor in Education and a concentration in Africana Studies. Julia aspires to travel the world and all it encapsulates. When she is not writing for Her Campus, Julia can be found in nature, listening to music, indulged in a good book at a local cafe or drowning in her coursework at the library.  
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