Making More Time

At this point in the semester there is never enough time.  Between final assignments, deadlines, work, and even job applications, there's so much to do in a finite amount of time.  I constantly find myself wishing I could pause everything around me and keep going just to buy myself some time.  Recently I had an epiphany about where I can get more time... the mornings!  Now that it's getting cold here in Massachusetts, I never want to get out of bed in the morning.  Getting to my 9 AM some mornings is an intense battle.  Despite this, I realized that if I got up early most mornings instead of sleeping in until the last possible second, I would have way more time.

Once you get up in the morning, your day starts.  Rather than stay in bed until 11 AM, if you get up at 8 AM you're gaining an extra three hours of productivity.  This leaves you time to eat breakfast and start your day right, and then hit the books.  When I plan my day starting with right before class, I'm stressed all day long.  I am constantly rushing around to get it all done.  

Getting up early gives you time to breathe.  When you get up early, and build extra time into your day, you can prioritize your needs and your tasks.  Plus, by getting up so early you're not tempted to take breaks with friends.  Most of my friends are not looking to meet up to hang out at 8 AM.  Rather you can set yourself up with a cup of coffee and a book at your table, or even head to the library.  There is almost no one at the library early in the morning.  It's probably one of the few times during the day you can hit the library without risking running into friends.

By getting up early, you get on a schedule.  My internal clock is nonexistent.  When I rely on my morning courses to dictate my rising schedule, I am up at 8:30 on some days, 9:30 on others and 11 on weekends.  It's different all the time which really impacts my sleep schedule.  When I do have to get up early for class I can't fall asleep the night before and I feel drained the next morning.  When you get up early regardless of your course schedule, you get into an internal schedule.  This helps you avoid dreaded nap traps.  

Once you start doing it, it gets easier.  The first few mornings of getting up early are hard.  Really hard.  But after a couple of mornings, it stops being so hard.  You start to get into a new groove.  Suddenly you start to appreciate the crisp morning air and tranquillity of our empty campus early in the morning.  Once it becomes a habit, you won't think twice about it.

Maybe you'll be able to sleep at night.  When you get up early and maximize your day, you can actually sleep at night.  Rather than lay awake tossing and turning, you're actually tired out come nighttime.  Your ability to rest easy at night will only help solidify your new routine.  

You will have more you time.  When I spend my morning sleeping instead of being productive, I have to spend my evenings working.  I rush to complete homework assignments and obligations.  When you get up early, you have some chill time for you.  You can catch up on your favorite shows, hit the gym, or catch up with friends.  Building in time to prioritize yourself is important especially with a busy schedule.  Maximizing your day allows you to make time for yourself.

Waking up early is difficult and everyone deserves a nice sleep-in day every now and again.  But honestly, creating a more regular routine and giving yourself a longer day with help you so much.  As we hurdle into the end of the semester (yikes!) making time in the morning to get things done will only help.