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How to Turn Arguments into Conversation

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and have it turn into an argument?

Every day we interact and converse with people who have varying opinions on different topics. We are all bound to be in a situation where our ideas and thoughts may clash with others. One thing can lead to another, and… the argument begins.

Here are some tips on how to turn those arguments back into conversations:

1. Begin the discussion with an open mind.

When the discussion involves opposing opinions, it is normal for people to be closed-minded and stick to their own thoughts. Therefore, being open-minded is essential. It allows you to fully understand the other person’s point of view and why they think what they think. Understanding each other’s point of view allows the discussion to continue to grow more in-depth.

2. Decide whether the argument is worth having.

Sometimes there are just things that aren’t worth arguing about. Before confronting someone about a specific topic or situation, take the time to rethink the whole problem and put your thoughts together. Doing this may also help you conclude that a particular case isn’t as big of a deal as you initially thought.

3. Be direct and honest.

When talking to someone, it’s always best to be as honest and as transparent as possible. Not only will it help get your point across, but it may also help avoid misunderstandings. Remember that it is ok if you need time to gather your thoughts. It is better to take the time you need and figure out what you need and want to say before tackling the problem. This way, you can be more clear and straight to the point.

Note: While these tips may be helpful, it may not automatically solve every problem. Both parties must be willing to talk and listen for this to be effective.

Michelle is currently majoring in Management with a concentration in Marketing. She loves to travel and hopes to one day take a dip into marketing world.