Sweet Potato With Pecans

Five Topics NOT to Bring up this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, avoid the family arguments and the desire to fling mashed potatoes at your most argumentative relative by never bringing up these five topics. 

  1. 1. National Politics

    This one may be obvious, but for those of you who only really started following politics during these impeachment hearings, you do not want to find out your cousin's political opinions over canned cranberry sauce. 

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  2. 2. That cool club you're in!

    So, you write for a national online magazine and you're super proud of it. Don't bring it up, because then your grandmother may want to READ your articles. That would be bad. Also, describing what you do could easily transition into a discusssion of the "FAKE NEWS MEDIA," which should be avoided at all cost. 

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  3. 3. The Weather!

    I know, this is the most cliche small talk example ever, but if you really want to discuss how nice it is today or that impending snowstorm, be braced for THAT relative to start an argument about how climate change is a "hoax." 

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  4. 4. Someone's Health and Wellbeing

    If you know what's good for you, you won't ask if Aunt Carol is well, because Uncle Bobby will take that as an excuse to tell you all about why Medicare for All will lead to a rationing of medicine and George Soros deciding if your grandmother gets that oxygen she needs. 

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  5. 5. Animals

    Who could possibly start an argument about cute, fluffy animals? THAT relative. All it takes is a quick diversion into Animal Rights commercials and THAT relative can start an argument about which cause they think more people should care about. Beware. 

So, what should you talk about this Thanksgiving? Let me know when you figure it out. In the meantime, brace for the rant by reading this article about how to deal with THAT relative.