Thanksgiving Strategies for When THAT Relative Gets Going

1. Remember you love them.

Yeah, you might not like them right at this moment but they’re still family.

(Note- This is a funny article about arguments around politics and sports or just plain old nosiness, if you have a family member who you absolutely don’t want anything to do with for very valid reasons, you are still valid and don’t let a stupid listicle make you think otherwise).

2. Silence works.

Arguing tends to just make that relative more aggressive and more determined to prove you wrong

3. Focus on the food.

This works two ways, cut that relative off to compliment the cook, or literally just distract yourself by shoveling stuffing into your mouth.

4. If this relative’s particular tirade is directed at you…

Extract yourself as subtly or unsubtly as possible. “Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom” works well. So, does just getting up and taking a walk. The relatives on your side will likely tell THAT relative to chill out. Don’t feel trapped by etiquette. No one deserves Thanksgiving Dinner lectures.

5. Try to pivot them to a topic that everyone agrees on.

Example: Healthcare debate- tell a goofy injury story and allow them to lecture you about being more careful

6. Think before you speak

Count to ten before responding, as much as your emotions may be getting the best of you, you still want to wait and think over what you’re going to say before you say it.

7. Don’t bring up politics, or sports, or anything that could be controversial.

Talk about what makes you happy and try to find common ground. The holidays should be a time for happiness and family, after all.