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Anna Schultz-Girl On Computer With Notebooks
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Finals Got Me Like

But don’t despair, here’s 5 ways to destress during finals season and make your life just a teeny bit easier.


Set a timer for 5 minutes, turn on some zen instrumental music, and zone out. The goal of meditation is to ultimately think of nothing. But sometimes our minds just aren’t wired like that, so picture yourself in a calming environment or your happiest place. I like to imagine I’m floating in the middle of an ocean or sitting in an endless field of tall grass. Find the place, focus on your breathing, and relieve all your built up stress.


Go to a yoga class if your school or community offers any. Yoga focuses on the movement of your body while controlling your breathing and letting go of any negative thoughts. Exercise will re energize you and get you ready to conquer your exams and papers.

Take a well needed study break

Don’t fry your brain by studying for hours straight. Watch an episode of one of your favorite TV shows that doesn’t super plot driven so you aren’t inclined to binge watch. Visit a tried and true show like Friends or The Office that’s guaranteed to make you laugh and forget the craziness of finals for just a bit. Limit your destress break to 30 minutes or so. Make a healthy energizing snack for yourself while you watch, and then go back to work.

Do a mini spa night

Once you’re wrapping up studying for the day, take some extra time for your nightly routine. Do a face mask, use your best lotion, make a cup of tea, and maybe even do your nails. Take some extra time to take care of yourself and lift your spirits. You’ll wake up in a better mood the next day and be even more ready to tackle all the work.

Final Advice

And finally, allow yourself to still enjoy things. Finals seem to drag on forever, and you’ll probably have lots of things happening in between. Allow yourself to spend time away from your work and disconnect yourself completely. Go grab dinner with your friends and talk about all the exciting things coming up over break and don’t drone on about all the stress of finals.

Life goes on, and soon finals will be over. In the meantime, take care of yourself and don’t let the stress control you. You got this.

Olga is a senior at Clark University studying psychology and marketing. She's got a serious coffee addiction and a passion for writing.
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