Bud Light’s Superbowl Advertisement Receives Backlash

The Super Bowl draws in millions of viewers and large companies rush for the opportunity to advertise their products. According to CBS, 30 second commercials during the Super Bowl can go up to five million dollars in cost.

Bud Light, an American favorite, ran a series of advertisements each quarter touting their beer to be healthier and better than competitors Miller Lite and Coors Light. Bud Light has recently started listing ingredients used in their beer, being the first beer in the U.S. to do so. They have taken the step to be transparent with their customers and to keep up with changing health conscious attitudes.

However, they received backlash from the National Corn Growers Association. Corn farmers were chiming in with their shared disappointment in Bud Light’s decision to attack corn, as it is America’s number one crop.