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Behind the Mask: Professor Kourtney Senquiz

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

1. What are you passionate about?

– African American Literature, equality, and social justice.

2. The best compliment you’ve ever received?

“You are a born activist,” said everyone she has met.

3. Introvert or extrovert?


4. Best phase of your life?

Now is the best phase, I am secure in all aspects.

5. What motivates you?

To change the world.

6. What stands between you and complete happiness?

Nothing, I find happiness in every day. It is what you make it.

7. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you have done?

No, I have done more than I have said.

8. What makes you smile?

– Seeing people becoming socially active, and my children make me smile.

9. If you could go back in time and change a simple thing, what would it be?

– I would not have sought out to find my biological father.

10. What is your biggest insecurity?

My biggest insecurity is because of Imposter Syndrome. I feel that I am not smart enough, I am the first in my family to do what I have done and I

afraid of being called out for not knowing what I am doing or being found out in a sense.

11. What terrifies you the most?

If anything ever happened to my children.

12. What did your life teach you yesterday?

-To always prepare for the unexpected.

13. What would you say is the craziest thing you ’ve ever done?

While in Ghana there were these rope bridges. There were two ropes on the side and

one in the middle. They ran for a mile long, with no harness and no netting. I did it twice.

14. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

I wish my mother could have been herself and live a much freer identity.

15. Tell me your life story in one minute.

I was raised by two women, I am a first generation student. One of my mothers is African

American and my godmother has her Ph.D. in Africana Studies so those two inspired me

to pursue my study in African American Literature. I am inspired by social activism

I am a devoted mother and wife, belief in equality for all, passionate about food justice,

affirmative action, etc. I hope my story somehow inspires someone else and sends the

message that they can overcome any obstacle.

Monica Sager is a freelance writer from Clark University, where she is pursuing a double major in psychology and self-designed journalism with a minor in English. She wants to become an investigative journalist to combat and highlight humanitarian issues. Monica has previously been published in The Pottstown Mercury, The Week UK, Worcester Telegram and Gazette and even The Boston Globe. Read more of Monica’s previous work on her Twitter @MonicaSager3.