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Animals of Instagram: 5 Adorable Accounts to Follow Right Now

It’s that time in the semester where everyone is stressed to the max with midterms, sports, internships, clubs, you name it! We all know that social media can be a huge distraction when trying to get work done, but it can sometimes be a good mental break if you limit yourself to just a few minutes at a time. While we all love some good #OOTD posts and travel pictures, some of the best Instagrams to look through are ones posted by cute animal accounts! Especially when you’re stressed, it can really help your mood to see some adorable furry friends when you’re scrolling through your feed. Here are some of the best animal accounts out there that you need to follow right now!

1. @Cobythecat – This cat is famous for having gorgeous eyes and looking like he’s got the perfect winged eyeliner on at all times… #goals. You’ll love seeing all of Coby’s funny facial expressions and adorable outfits when you follow him.

2. @Eskimoloaf – This account features two loveable rabbits from Singapore, Eskimo and Kiwi. These two are downright precious and you can’t help but smile watching videos of them munch on carrots and wiggle their noses!

3. @Ralphthecorgi – Ralph and George are two corgi brothers that hail from Northern California. They were made famous when a Buzzfeed article was written about them surprising one of their longtime Instagram followers back in 2015. Their owner that runs the account has an incredible sense of humor and always manages to catch these two at their funniest moments!

4. @Albertbabycat – Albert is the (self-proclaimed) “World’s Most Famous Munchkin Cat” and one look at his Instagram feed will show you why. With his stubby little legs and big blue eyes, Albert will capture your heart immediately! He’s always going on adventures and you’ll love seeing where he is on any given day. He’s another well-dressed cat, so be on the lookout for his outfit posts.

5. @Tibbythecorgi – Yet another adorable corgi account! Tibby’s bio describes him as “half lion, half corgi and a pinch of bunny.” You won’t believe how soft Tibby looks and the videos of him waddling around are enough to brighten anyone’s day!

Who are your favorite furry social media superstars, collegiettes?

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