9 Tips for Living with a Roommate as You Move Back In (Or Transfer!)

9 Tips for Living with a Roommate as You Move Back in (or Transfer!)

Note: This article uses a singular "they," which gives my mother hives, but is approved by Oxford Dictionary.

              1`. Set Healthy Boundaries

Everyone is different, which is why it’s important to discuss what you’re okay with, and what you’re not. How you've lived for the last 18 or more years is probably not universal, so you may have different rules and comfort levels than your roommate. 

              2. Communicate

This is absolutely the most important tip on this list, and the one that all of the others rely on. You have to be comfortable talking to your roommate about things that they’re doing that are bothering you. Additionally, you have to be open to listen to their needs and concerns. Living with someone is a two way street and it won't work unless you consciously talk to one another. 

              3. Be respectful of your roommates’ space and possessions.

They’re paying just as much for that room as you are; don’t kick them out too often. Also, don’t ever touch their stuff without asking, even if you think that they won't notice. 

              4. Communicate

              5. Spend time apart, even if you’re super good friends

Living with someone can feel fun and it’s good to be friends (or at least, friendly), but if you don’t have some degree of separate lives, it’s a recipe for trouble.

              6. Communicate

              7. Keep everything clean

Rats don’t care which side of the room the old pizza was on.

              8. Communicate

              9. Sleep is sacred; protect yours and your roommate’s.

If you have to wake up before them, be courteous and try to stay quiet. If you know that they’re going to sleep way after you or waking up way before you, invest in good Bluetooth headphones and maybe a sleep mask.

              10. Communicate