7 Things to Know about New England (As Told by a Southerner)

I ​​came​​ to​​ Clark​​ from​​ Charleston,​​ South​​ Carolina​​ without​​ thinking​​ much​​ about​​ the inevitable​​ culture​​ shock​​ that​​ I ​​was ​​in ​​for. ​​Coming ​​from​ ​a ​​city ​​that ​​boasts ​​the ​​title “Friendliest​​ City​​ in​​ the​​ World” ​​and​​ is​​ a​​ cornerstone​​ of​​ old​​ southern​​ culture,​​ Worcester, MA​​ has​​ been​​ an​​ adjustment.​​ Now​​ I’m​​ here​​ to​​ tell you ​about​​ the​​ biggest​​ differences​​ and how​​ to​​ adapt.

1. Y’all

Some​​ people​​ will​​ freak​​ out​​ when​​ you​​ say​​ "y’all".​​ It’s​​ inevitable.​​ They​​ will​​ also​​ freak when​​ your​​ accent ​​(however​​ slight)​​ comes​​ out.​​ This​​ is​​ just​​ because,​​let's ​​be ​​honest, southern​​ accents ​​are​​ the​​ absolute​​ best.​​ You​​ won’t​​ realize​​ it​​ until​​ you​​ leave​​ the south,​​ but​​ the​​ way​​ we​​ talk​​ is​​ great.

2.​​ Southern​​ Hospitality​​ is ​Real

People​​ up​​ north​​ are​​ nice, but​​ people​​ down​​ south​​ are​​ nicer.​​ That’s​​ just​​ the​​ fact​​ of the​​matter.​​ I​​ quickly​​ learned​​ not​​ to​​ stop,​​ smile​​ and​​ talk​​ to​​ everyone​​ I​​ pass​​ on the street off campus.​​They will think you're weird if you do this, ​​trust​​ me.​​ On campus is a different story, though. Clarkies are actually the nicest!

3.​​ Summer Heat is a Thing Everywhere

It gets hot down south. Like, ninety-degree-humidity-sweating-buckets-unable-to-move hot. It gets almost as hot in New England, except that here colleges don't seem to think AC is necessary in the dorms. I have news for you: it is.

4.​​ Winter ​​is​​ Coming

One of my favorite things to do here is tell people that I've never seen snow. I've never seen it, but I've heard it's back. Luckily, I have northern family that have bought me everything short of a snowsuit to keep me warm and alive this winter. Stay tuned for more research on snow, conducted by yours truly.

5.​​ Northern​​ Aggression​​ Occurs​​ on​​ the​​ Road

Y'all drive like crazy people. Between the honking, sudden stops and speed I just cannot bring myself to drive up here. One thing I will say though, yielding for pedestrians is so real here, and as s college student who walks everywhere it is greatly appreciated.

6.​​ Beaches

For some reason, I didn't think there were beaches up north.

Spoiler: Cape Cod is real and beautiful, although the water is freezing and will probably probably give you hypothermia.

7.​​ Iced​​ Tea​​ vs.​​ Sweet​​ Tea

Do not order iced tea. It will be bitter and unpleasant and it's a trap. You have to actually search out sweet tea up here, and it's a struggle. This is how you can ultimately measure whether you are north or south of the Mason-Dixonline.