5 Things All Clark Collegiettes Should Have in Their Bags This Fall & Winter

In the fall and winter months, school can really start to feel like a drag. The hours spent at the library preparing for midterms will soon turn into hours spent preparing for finals, and the cold weather will be here before we know it! To ensure that you stay healthy, energized and looking and feeling your best, we’ve put together a list of five essentials that you should never leave your room without.

Bag: MZ Wallace New York

1. Lip Balm – Lip balm is a year round must, but is especially important in the fall and winter months when the chilly Worcester weather can cause majorly chapped lips. To prevent cold weather cracked lips, grab a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. Not only does it smell yummy enough to eat, it’s big enough so you can use it on any other areas of dry skin that are bothering you!

2. Headphones – You’re in the AC trying to actually be productive, but you can barely hear yourself think over people ordering at Jazzman’s and the Escort phone ringing off the hook. You don't want to commit to the dead silence of the 5th floor in the library, but you just want some peace and quiet. Earphones can totally save the day in this situation, so make sure you always have a pair on hand. To ensure comfort and maximum noise blockage, look for some that have customizable ear bud sizes like these ones from 5-Hour Energy!

3. Extra Makeup – It’s always a good idea to have extra makeup on hand for times when you need a quick touch up. A little swipe of eyeshadow before a big presentation can go a long way and make you look perfectly polished! For super easy application and long lasting results, check out NYC’s City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeshadow. The chubby stick form makes this eyeshadow easy to apply while the waterproof element leaves you with intense color payoff for a full 24 hours.

4. Caffeine Boost – When you have 9am classes (or even worse, 8am!) three days a week, it can be difficult to muster up enough energy to keep yourself going. If you can’t get your usual caffeine fix from Acoustic Java, it’s always helpful to have a backup on hand. 5-Hour Energy is a great alternative to coffee and it has no sugar or net carbs! Even better, it’s chock full of B vitamins that will keep you feeling good throughout the day.

5. Cold Medicine – Sickness spreads like wildfire here at Clark, so you can never be too prepared! Sitting next to someone in class who’s hacking up a lung and sneezing all over the desk is enough to incite fear in anyone, even those with the strongest immune systems. When you find yourself in this situation (which you most definitely will over the next few months) reach into your bag for some Cold-EEZE to fight those germs before the next person can sneeze in your direction.

What other essentials will be in your bags this season, collegiettes?