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books on brown wooden shelf
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3 Tips to Help You Destress During Midterms!

With the middle of October unfortunately also comes midterms. Though it might be extremely easy to give into the stress until all your tests are taken and papers are written, we know how important it is to relax during one of the busiest times of the semester. Here are our tips on how to treat yo self and make midterms a little bit more bearable!!


1.    Make a nice warm drink to bring to the library. Nothing helps a long session in the library quite like a nice warm drink. We love using our Forge Divide Mug by CamelBak to bring our hot chocolate and coffee with us to be productive while studying! Not only is it an easy way to grab and go when you’re in a rush, but it also saves the temptation of spending money at Jazzman’s! It’s also great for the environment as it saves you from using a disposable cup. 

2.    Have a spa night with your friends.  While we love a good library session, we also realize that there is only so much time someone can be there before going insane. With that said, what’s a better way to destress than having a spa night with your friends? One of our favorite ways to relax is to grab some wine, your best friends and watch a movie while painting your nails. We also love using our Freeman Beauty Facemasks. There are so many different kinds for a variety of skin types and can be bought from Ulta!  Another fun idea is to try out some new makeup! One of our favorite brands is Rimmel and they have of many great new products out right now! We’re loving the 24HR Supercurler Mascara, Colour Precise Eyeliner and the Only 1 Lipstick. The mascara really is long-lasting which makes it perfect for a night out. The eyeliner and lipstick each come in a variety of different colors so there is a perfect shade for everyone!

3.    Treat yo self to a nice dinner. If you really can’t afford to take an entire night off of studying, an easy way to get your mind off of school work for a bit can be to going out to dinner. There are so many great places to explore in Worcester. Get dressed up with your friends and check out one of the many restaurants on Shrewsbury Street or one of so many other places nearby. When you’re wearing a dress or skirt we love sporting our L’eggs Sheer Energy tights. They’re perfect for the coming winter months and we love the way they look with our outfits!


This is just a short list of the countless number of things you can do to destress during midterms. What are your favorite ways to relax?

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Ciara is a student at Clark studying Political Science as well as Cultural Studies & Communication. She spends her time running around between classes, working at both the Campus Store and Annie's Clark Brunch and trying to figure out what to do with her life after she graduates this May. When Ciara is not juggling her busy schedule, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, binge-watching Netflix (specifically The Office) and reminiscing her semester abroad in Ireland. Her favorite color is green and her guilty pleasure TV shows are The Bachelor and Dance Moms. Ciara is thrilled to be a Campus Correspondent alongside one of her best friends, Kelly Rourke! Be sure to follow her daily shenanigans via Twitter and Instagram @ckils23 HCxo
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