10 Types of People You See on the Green

Now that the warm weather has arrived, the Green is always full of Clarkies. The Green can be a pretty interesting place on a warm day and you'll see quite a few different characters if you stop to survey the scene. Here are the most common people you'll find on the Green: 

1. The Self-Proclaimed DJ – this person has taken it upon themselves to blast whatever music they want for everyone to hear. He probably thinks this is what he looks like: 

2. The Frisbee Players – you might get hit by their Frisbee before you even see them. 

3. The Free Spirits – these people are usually smoking hookah (or another substance) and not wearing shoes. 

4. The People Who Bring their Pets – the real MVPs of the Green. Their adorable pets make everyone’s day a little brighter. 

5. The People Who Come Prepared – these people have snack, ice water, blankets – everything they need to have a great day. You’re usually jealous of them. 

6. The People Who are “Doing Homework” – face it, they never get any work done, but A for effort. 

7. The Nappers – they will inevitably wake up with a sunburn looking dazed and confused. 

8. The Slackliners – these people are always attempting to get from one tree to another on the slackline but will inevitably. 

9. The Hammock Hangers – they’re literally just hanging out. Their hammock may or may not collapse, but they love to find some trees and hook it up whenever they can. 

10. The Sad Onlookers – these people trudge by on their way to class looking wistfully at all the fun they’re missing out on. 

Next time you walk by the Green, stop to see if you can spot any of these people! Bonus points if you are actually one of them. 

Source for all gifs: Giphy.com