Why Does Food Suck?

Have you ever just looked in the mirror and said “wow I hate myself today.” How about have you ever tried to fit into your favorite pair of jeans and you can’t? Or what about whenever you decide to eat healthy and step on the scale and there is no difference in your weight at all?




Growing up I was never skinny. I was never called pretty. I was bullied for my weight and truthfully when I was little it hurt. BUT now ask me if I care even the slightest bit. I will tell you why I don’t. 

Food sucks because it's there when no one else is. Its there on a Friday night whenever you are bored and laying in bed and binge watching Netflix for hours. 

Food is there when the boy you were in love with broke your heart for the one hundredth time. 

Food is there when you are so hungry you eat anything in sight. 

Food is there whenever you need it to be and that is the issue. 

Food is there when you want to try and become skinny, but for some reason you still can’t shed the pounds.

No matter what anyone says, America is totally dependent on food and that will not change anytime soon. But truthfully do you want to know why it shouldn't’t change?  


Usually if a human is depending on food, it is because they are sad. Or someone hurt them and they are eating to feel better because they find comfort in it. When someone passes away the human will binge eat to take their mind away from the sadness. People usually go to food when they are bored, and if they want to do that let them. There is no need to call someone “fat” or a “whale” because they weigh a little bit more than you. 

So to conclude one more time,