What Guys Need to Know About Girls

Nothing gets my blood boiling in a certain way more than taking a step back and realizing how wrong this generation is when it comes to the dating aspect…

I’m not even going to waste my time arguing about chivalry, or any other things that were done often in the old days because those motives are honestly long gone.

Face-to-face communication is a thing of the past… Why? Everything has to be behind a phone, and done with liquid courage on a weekend now. I’m graduating college in a year from now. If I’m dating someone anytime soon, it’s someone that I can take home to my family. Someone that I could see potential in marriage with someday. Yes, I’m only 20, almost 21, years old. I don’t want a ring on my finger from someone right now, just the potential to have one later.

What I’m saying is, I’m tired of being played with. Sometimes boys that I talk to, make me feel like nothing more than a pure object for them to play with. Excuse me for this, but I am more than what is in between my legs. I am an intelligent young woman, looking for intelligent conversations. I want to talk about the career I want, and how I want to see the world change in 5-10 years. I want to plan where I’ll be moving to after graduating from here. I want to apply to graduate school and get a master’s degree. I am smart, and I want someone to see that.

I want to go on real dates. Not so I can post about it on Facebook and let the world know that I’m getting treated right, for once. I want to go on real dates because it will make me feel wanted. I want to be able to watch a movie without someone having expectations that we won’t actually watch the movie. I want to cook dinner together and talk about my day when I sit down. Even if it was a crappy day, I just want someone to care and listen and ask questions. Be in tune with my whole self, not just my pleasurable side.

I have no words left for this generation. I just hope my daughter never gets hurt by boys the way I have. It’s simple really, guys, just be yourself and be a good guy. I’ll bet if all of you guys’ mothers knew anything about how you treated us, they would feel pure shame.

Be a lad, appreciate the intelligent women coming up in the world.

Dude, I could be your boss one day.  

Photo Credits: Courtney McBride