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My Finals Week Playlist

Finals week is the most stressful week of any college student's semester, and it is easy to let anxiety and stress get the best of you. Listening to music is a proven way to reduce stress, and is also easily done while completing paper and projects, as well as cramming for final exams (which you should totally not do, but the inner procrastinator in you will win this battle). Here's some songs that will be on my finals week playlist:

1. Love by Lana Del Rey

2. Oceans by Pearl Jam

3. The Night We Met by Lord Huron

4. Psycho by Post Malone Feat. Ty Dolla $ign

5. Down In A Hole by Alice In Chains

6. Lake Of Fire by Nirvana

7. I Dream About You by Simple Plan Feat. Juliet Simms

8. How Did You Love by Shinedown

9. National Anthem by Lana Del Rey

10. Black by Pearl Jam

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