Music at Clarion University

When budget cuts are made at schools, music tends to be the first thing to go.  Many people don’t see the value of music for education.  Music is so much more than a hobby.  It's been proven that music helps students concentrate in classes and achieve better grades.  Music provides an outlet for a lot of students who need a way to channel their creativity.  Music is also a way for people to express themselves or express their emotions.  

When Clarion University underwent cuts a few years ago, unfortunately, some of the music programs were cut or reduced.  But that didn't mean music stopped at Clarion.  In fact, one group of musicians is still going strong a Clarion.  It's an all female A Capella singing group called the CUPella's.  The CUPella's are a diverse group of students that come from many different majors to form one cohesive group.  

I am proud to say I am a member of this great group of girls.  I loved singing in high school and CUPella's has given me a chance to continue doing what I enjoy.  The practices are always fun and upbeat.  

The CUPella's mainly perform pop music and will be performing at several venues over the next few months.  Hopefully we see you at a future performance!

Lets all keep music alive in our schools!