Importance of Yearly Gynecologist Appointments


Everyone hates going to the doctors, and procrastinates to make an appointment, especially when you have to schedule your yearly visit to the gynecologist. Some people don’t think they don’t need to go to it, but it is very important to go to. Going to your yearly examine helps you in the long run. They can detect problems that you weren’t aware of. For those who haven’t gone yet here are some things they check for. The do breast examines, which is super important because they can detect early stages of breast cancer and make sure everything feels right. They do pap smears which tests for cancerous cells in your cervix, this is extremely important because it is hard to detect and without getting pap smears you could have no idea if you have any problems. Going to the gynecologist is super important especially when you need to get birth control, they are the ones that renew your prescription and they are there to hep you decide which type of birth control is best for you. They can also test you for STDs, which is a good thing to get tested for if you are having unprotected sex. Most importantly it is good to go to your yearly appointment, so you can ask questions, they know everything it is to know about your lady parts and are there to help you. No matter how stupid or random questions you have they are there to answer them and make you more comfortable with everything. They can tell you if you have an infection or anything like that and prescribe you medication to get rid of anything you might have. So, remember to schedule your yearly appointments, or find yourself a gynecologist and make the first appointment, because it can help you in the long run.