Fall Is Not The Time For Falling Apart

As the leaves begin to change, so should you. Let all of that anger and hatred you have held for the people that have done you wrong and the friends that have left your life, fall and fly away like the dead leaves drifting off of the tree that is you. Hatred can slip away, fall into the breeze, and be carried to another place. You will continue to grow stronger; your roots digging into the soil deeper. Become the grounded, down to earth, peaceful human being that you are deep down inside. Let the evil be the wind that brushes against you, but never pushes you down because you are the strong tree that does not let the little things push you down.

We all feel like we are falling apart sometimes. We get knocked down constantly. It feels like we are always fighting to get to the next part of our lives where situations are better and we do not have to feel this kind of pain again. However, we fail to see the beauty in ourselves. We never take the time to notice that we are strong in the face of adversity. We forget because we are too busy focusing on the wrong that has been done to us and the pain we are feeling at the moment.

Too often do we get stuck in this rut of negativity. We feel like we can never get out of the crushing weight of terrible things happening to us. People need to stop thinking this way. I know that I, personally, have felt trapped by the negativity that has struck my life. So I understand exactly how hard it is to let go of such things, but we have to! We have to realize how, no matter what, we have always found our way out. We have always fought to not let the evil defeat us. We are those trees! As trees, I want to encourage everyone, not just females, to stand tall and strong, and let all of that hate we have been clinging to just fall to the ground to be swept off into the wind. Let yourself be free! Love yourself, because I love you and you are all amazing human beings! You are all strong enough to withstand any adversity that life may throw at you.

Fall into the new you!